My name is Phil Clausner. I am a local church Evangelist sent out from Hilltop Baptist Church in Hunker, PA. I stand firm on the inspired and preserved Word of God. I believe that we are not to just read our King James Bible but make it part of us and act upon it all the days of our life. 

My testimony

Saved at the age of 26 from a life of drunken hopelessness. 

Our Stand

Standing on the doctrine that was once delivered to the saints. 


Letter from Pastor Tim Luchon from Hilltop Baptist Church in Hunker, PA. 


From on the road and around the country. We enjoy serving the Lord! 

My wife Casey has been a wonderful help meet. She enjoys playing the piano and singing. When she is not traveling with me, she teaches "Cadets for Christ" at our sending church. 

Mataya is our oldest child. She enjoys singing with her mom and making new friends all over the country. Her favorite things include horses, legos, and daddy/daughter dates. She is a wonderful soul winner and has lead children to the Lord. She is a big helper with her baby sisters and helping with dinner. 

Our son Andre is, well, a boy. He likes guns, knives, ninjas, climbing, jumping, and adventure. He likes to sing specials and occasionally preach and teach at family devotions. He has a tender heart for souls and has grown up helping on church busses. He is very happy to finally be a big brother. 

Cecelia was born 8/16/2017. She's daddies little girl. Her first word was Daddy and she loves to laugh and play. Her favorite activities include singing and eating. 

Kezia was born 7/23/2019. She shares a birthday with mommy. She loves looking and listening to singing and watching her brother and sisters play. 

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